Additional Buyer Services We Offer

Our team is available to provide any and all information requested to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. We can provide any requested photos and videos, inspection reports and virtual appointments via FaceTime to inspect the equipment in real time.

Oil and Hydraulic fluid samples and testing can be provided per request.

EquipmentDealz works with well established and certified mechanics and we can provide recommendations of local mechanics near the location of the equipment you are interested in. Please note, an outside mechanic inspection report will be an additional cost to the buyer.

Bidding Assistance Services

The EquipmentDealz team can provide you with a comprehensive bidding assistant. A bidding assistant is available to call you and keep you informed with the current bid price and also bid on your behalf.

This is a service limited to our buyers that truly need assistance. Please call before the start of the auction to inform us if bidding assistance is needed, so we can arrange a team member to assist you.


Remote Buyer Services We Offer

If you are needing to look at equipment out of state or the country, but don’t have the means to get there, EquipmentDealz has well established relationships with Jet Services and Certified Pilots worldwide. Our team is happy to assist and travel to inspect the equipment on your behalf

EquipmentDealz can fully inspect, take vivid photography and videography, negotiate on your behalf, handle all legal paperwork and provide a safe way to escrow and pay for any equipment that is not currently in our inventory. Please speak with a member from our team to get a quote for these services.

When time and ingenuity is of the essence, we are the trusted equipment company.

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