Our Approach
Auction Method

EquipmentDealz utilizes the auction method of marketing as it creates a competitive bidding atmosphere. It allows eager, pre-qualified buyers to bid on a single piece of equipment and achieve the maximum real time market value for our sellers assets with the use of the latest innovative technologies in the Auction industry.

Our Method of Marketing Your Assets

EquipmentDealz markets your assets on these platforms but are not limited to:

  • EquipmentDealz.com Auction and Buy Now Platform
  • EquipmentDealz Mobile App
  • EquipmentDealz Facebook Page
  • Proxibid
  • EquipmentFacts
  • Machinery Trader & Tractor House
  • Auctionresource.com
  • Facebook Marketplace and Instagram
  • Targeted Social Campaigns
  • Google Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Direct Marketing to our Dealers + Brokers
  • Automated Text Push Notifications
  • Interactive Outbid Notifications

Showcasing Your Assets

When it comes to showcasing your equipment, EquipmentDealz does not spare any time or details. Our well versed equipment experts capture vivid, high quality pictures highlighting the key selling points that makes your equipment valuable. Our videography showcases your equipment in operation demonstrating the functionality from a full 360 degree angle. Our team is experienced in operating machinery, therefore we are ready to put your equipment to work and showcase its fullest potential. Upon each consignment, our team provides a comprehensive written inspection. Our team will notify our sellers if there are any findings upon the inspection report. As we always stride to be transparent and honest, we are more than happy to give our recommendations to help you achieve maximum fair market value for your equipment. Our extensive and thorough method leaves our buyers feeling confident to purchase your equipment directly through our marketplaces.

Our Process

Have heavy equipment but don’t have the means to move it? No problem we will come to you. Our auctions are sold virtually, saving you time, transportation and money. We handle all of the paperwork, photography, title and finance work from start to finish. Whether you have one piece or full fleet of equipment, our team is equipped and ready to covert your assets to cash.

We host live and timed auctions along with the option for buyers to buy your equipment at auction or pre auction through our Buy Now platform.

At EquipmentDealz our team is integrated with the latest and innovative technologies to host an auction directly on your property. We utilize cellular and satellite interfaces to help keep our buyers connected and buying from around the world 24/7. Our team is paramount when it comes to auction management and we pride ourselves in providing white glove service to all of our clients.

How to Sell with EquipmentDealz:

  • Complete and sign a consignment agreement form and discuss with an EquipmentDealz representative which services would best fit your needs
  • You must be the legal owner of said equipment/vehicles and have the full legal right to sell. EquipmentDealz does not broker with undisclosed owners or companies.
  • All titled units that require titles to be sold, must be in the legal owners/business name. A proper title transfer must be completed before selling. Not sure of your title status? Contact our Title Services Department and they are happy to assist you.
  • Clients must disclose any damage, history or mechanical issues with all of the assets to be sold and provide the proper paperwork if accessible.
  • Allow EquipmentDealz to do all of the heavy lifting and turn your assets into cash. We do the work and you get paid.

Ready to Convert Your
Equipment to Cash?

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Need Equipment Refurbishment?

Does the equipment you're selling need mechanical or cosmetic repair?

Fixing leaks, repainting, and restoring interiors on certain types of equipment can be a big factor to adding value to your investment and maximizing your return. EquipmentDealz is here to assist.

We believe showcasing your equipment to its fullest potential is the only way to sell. We analyze every asset and its current condition and give honest recommendations for improvements and repairs to maximize your returns.

We provide the following optional services:

  • Sandblasting- blasting away old failing rusty paint to bare metal , to prep for new paint.
  • Steam Cleaning- high pressure steam to melt away grime, grease, and dirt to showcase a clean, presentable  and sellable machine.
  • Body Repair- panels that are bent or broken, can be reworked by the body shop to better than new standards.
  • Repainting- back to original manufacturer's specifications or to your custom fleet colors.
  • Reupholstery- interior panels and seats, common wear and tear items on machinery and vehicles.
  • Glass Replacement- broken glass replacement, doors, windows, sky lights and more.
  • Mechanical repair from tires, brakes, engine, pumps, hoses, batteries and more
  • Welding and Metal work- new teeth, new cutting edges, bucket cracks,  repairs, reinforcement and much more.
  • Track Work- new undercarriage install, rubber and metal
  • Decal Replacement- make that brand standout and make your machine like new
  • Preventative Maintenance- make your new equipment job ready with The Works
  • The Works Includes: full maintenance of oil & air filters, hydraulic fluid level check, full machine greasing, interior vacuuming, window washing, and tinting


Our extensive knowledge and research of today’s market, and current economy which we closely monitor, allows us to bring you the most accurate, real time values for your assets.

When to consider getting your Equipment evaluated and sold?

  • Equipment age/ longevity
  • Current value
  • Upgrading
  • Current inflation margins
  • Production rate
  • Economy changes
  • Business reevaluation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Retirement
  • Foreclosures
  • Reposession
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Divorce
  • Depreciated assets
  • Estate planning
  • Downsizing
  • Financing and loans

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Our Multi-Selling Formats

Live Virtual Auctions:

EquipmentDealz conducts public auctions with a live professional auctioneer calling bids virtually in real time across 3 bidding platforms, until the item is sold to the highest bidder. All auctions will open for pre bidding 10 days prior to the start of the live sale. The live portion of the sale will start at the pre bid amount from the pre bidding period.

Ex: If an item is pre bid up to $50,000, that item will start at the pre bid amount of $50,000 and be auctioned off up the highest dollar amount achieved until it is sold.

Timed Online Auctions:

Timed online Auctions is another innovative platform we utilize for a convenient way for buyers to bid from any computer or mobile device from our website or mobile app. These auctions are automated online with no live auctioneer. Timed auction bidding will open for each item until the bidding has come to a staggered close.

Buy Now Platform:

Often times, buyers are too eager to wait until the day of the auction to score the piece of equipment they need. Our platform allows buyers to purchase inventory up to 10 days prior to the day of the auction. This service is optional and specifically for sellers who are looking to move their assets quickly and for buyers who are urgently needing equipment prior to auction.

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