Are auctions public?

Yes, all EquipmentDealz Auctions and inventory are open to the public for purchase.

Do I need an account to bid?

Yes, if you plan to bid and purchase items, the following is required:

  • Register for the auction, agree to the auction terms + conditions.
  • A $100 deposit will be required and refunded back to your credit card at the end of each auction. The deposit can be put towards any purchase made through auction or through the Buy Now platform.
  • Then, you will receive a bidder number that can be used to place a bid and buy during the auction.

For instructions on how to register for an auction online click the button below.

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What is EquipmentDealz Live?

EquipmentDealz Live is our interactive auction and Buy Now platform. Bidders can bid on live virtual auctions, timed auctions, and purchase Buy Now items. You can conveniently purchase directly from or from the EquipmentDealz App. A 2% buyers premium discount will be applied when you purchase directly through the EquipmentDealz live platform or mobile app.

What other platforms can I bid on?

EquipmentDealz works with other industry leading software to achieve the best results. Some of the platforms we host auctions on in collaboration with EquipmentDealz live include but are not limited to are: Proxibid and EquipmentFacts.

Is equipment available for preview?

Yes, all equipment will be available for in person inspections. It is highly recommend you inspect all equipment before bidding or buying to ensure standards are fully met.

All onsite equipment will be open for inspection during the preview period per each auction. for equipment that is not onsite on one of our Equipment yards, please contact us to make an appointment. If you would like to purchase equipment through the Buy Now platform, please contact us to set up an appointment.

How does an auction work?

An auction is the process of buying and selling assets by offering them to a large audience of qualified buyers for bidding, allowing buyers to bid until selling the items to the highest bidder.

Once the assets are placed up for auction, the items will start at an opening starting price set by the auctioneer. The price of the items being auctioned will increase every time a new bid is placed by a bidder (buyer of the item), until all bidders have placed there highest bid they are willing to pay, then the auctioneer announces the item sold at this time the most recent, highest bidder has won the item.

Can items be returned once purchased through auction?

No, all sales are final. All items are sold as is where is, all faults fall on the buyer at the fall of the hammer.

Once the auctioneer states sold, the highest bidder won the item. A bid placed is considered a legal binding contract, as you are the buyer and bound by the terms of the auction. Once the equipment is paid in full, you are the legal owner.

If you purchased an item from auction and no longer need it, we are happy to include your item in our next auction or for immediate purchase through our Buy Now platform.

When long do I have to pay for my item?

Payments must be made 48 hours after receiving an invoice. Please see our payments section to see our accepted payment methods. Onsite live auction payments shall be made at the conclusion of the sale.

All financing must be solidified before you bid or purchase Equipment. Please submit your financing approval letters on the payments page. All financing companies that pay direct to seller, must remit payment within 2 business banking days from receipt of invoice.

If you have any questions about payments or need financing please refer to our payments page or give us a call.

How do I get paid once my item sells through auction?

Once items are sold, our sellers are expected to receive net proceeds within 10 banking days- if not sooner. We strive to get our sellers paid QUICK! Sellers have two ways to get paid. Option 1: Receive a certified b business check sent directly to your place of business. Option 2: Receive an ACH/Wire directly from EquipmentDealz.

If you wish to be furnished funds by ACH/Wire. Please fill out and submit the ACH/Wire Payment Form, located at the bottom of the payments page.

All Buy Now items must be paid in full same day, upon signing a purchase agreement. All Buy Now items will be marked as available until they are completely paid in full.

How long should I expect until in receive my title?

A $40 Document Fee will be applied to all titled units. Title transfers take about a 21-30 day turn around time. No open titles will be given to the purchaser.

What is the Buyers Premium and who pays for it?

Buyers Premium is a convenience fee charged on each lot in the auction. The buyer pays the buyers premium on each lot purchased. The buyers premium is collected to help cover some of the cost of producing the auction. Each auction may have a different buyers premium, please see each auctions individual terms/conditions, and announcements. The standard buyers premium is 12% per lot, with a 2% discount if you purchase from EquipmentDealz Live online platform.

Live onsite auctions, and onsite bidders pay a standard 10% buyers premium unless otherwise noted in the auction announcements. Onsite auctions, and online bidders pay 12% percent buyers premium, with a 2% buyers premium discount on when purchasing from EquipmentDealz live.

How much does it cost to sell?

There is no upfront cost involve for our consignment auctions or to list your equipment through our Buy Now platform.

Additional fees may apply to onsite auctions. Fees such as upfront marketing expenses, set up fees, travel expenses, etc.

A separate cost will apply to any make ready services: Preparation, Repair, Detailed Cleaning, Fueling, Painting, etc. To see more about our restoration services, please see our sell tab.

Who pays a sellers commission?

The consigner who agrees to sell assets with EquipmentDealz, LLC

On general consignments, there is no set seller commission . Sellers commission varies based on the final selling price of your assets sold and is taken out from the final sales proceeds.

Onsite Auction sellers commissions vary based on the extent to the services EquipmentDealz and associates are providing to the seller. Initial set up fees may be applicable.

Is sales tax included on the total invoice?

Yes, sales tax is included and charged on all tangible items purchased from any of EquipmentDealz auctions or Buy Now platform items. Sales tax will be charged based on the county the auction or sale of the items is held.

There is no sales tax charged on buyers premium. Sales tax is only charged on the tangible items purchased at auction.

For out of state buyers, there is no sales tax charged to customers purchasing and taking possession of items who are located outside the state of which the sale of the items was performed.   

A shipping sales tax will be applied to any machinery or tangible items that is shipped. This applies to out of state buyers. Notated by Rule 3.303

Resale Certificates
If an individual or company purchasing equipment provide the below forms, they will be exempt from sales tax. The nature of your purchase must be for resale purposes only.

  • 11 Digit Tax Resales Number
  • 01-339 Form

For more information about sales and use tax please visit or call 800-252-5555

Ag & Timber Certificate

Ag Certificate
If you are purchasing machinery or implements for the use of farming, production of crops or produce, your purchase is considered tax exempt. Please provide your current Ag Certificate for your tax exemption.

Ag Certificate Form 01-924

Timber Certificate
For companies who are purchasing machinery for the production of sellable timber, please provide your current Timber Certificate to be exempt from sales tax.

Timber Certificate form 01-925

For help with Ag/Timber Registration please call 800-862-2260. All information listed in this section is in coordination with Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Do you take consignments out of state?

Yes, EquipmentDealz accepts quality consignments nationwide, you will be assigned a sales representative based on your location for consignments.

With our auctions being sold virtually online to a worldwide audience of bidders, you have the advantage of not having to transport your equipment to an auction yard. This saves you time and money, allowing the assets to remain at your property until they are sold. Our team will help arrange for shipping with our buyers. See the shipping tab for more information.

For consignors who do not want buyers on their property previewing equipment, your Equipment can be stored and sold at one of our conveniently located Equipment Yards.

How is my item being promoted?

EquipmentDealz provides extensive marketing & showcasing when it comes to promoting your equipment to our buyers. Our marketing reaches a worldwide audience of qualified and eager buyers.

To learn more about our marketing process, please see the Sell tab.

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What is Buy Now?

Buy Now is one of our platforms we offer to our sellers who opt to push their assets for sale prior to auction. Buy Now items are available for an outright purchase price listed individually on each item.

Buy Now inventory is available for outright purchase before the pre bidding starts. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase this inventory up to 14 days prior to the Auction. Once an item rolls over into Auction, it is not available for an outright purchase.

When can I pick up my item post purchase?

Items are available for pick up once they are paid in full, no exceptions.

Load out tickets must be presented upon pickup of your purchase. Items are available for pickup according to the load out times stated per each auction.

Please contact our office if you are needing an extension on removing your item. For items not removed after the stated time per that auction event, they are subject to a storage fee of $100 per day per item.

Any items not picked up after 30 days following the auction will be considered abandoned. At the discretion of the Auctioneer, items not removed will be resold and the debtor will be responsible for the difference and the storage fee at 18% per annum.

Buy Now items are available for pick up immediately after the item is paid in full. Load out tickets must be presented at the time of pick up.

All items will need to be loaded during daylight hours.

EquipmentDealz, LLC is not responsible for any injury that may occur on EquipmentDealz property or offsite property, when loading equipment or items purchased from EquipmentDealz, LLC.

EquipmentDealz or associates are not responsible for loading of equipment or removal of items purchased from EquipmentDealz events or Buy Now inventory.

EquipmentDealz is available to provide free shipping quotes with our in-network referrals. For any shipping questions, please refer to our shipping tab.

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